SUSANOO Secretariat

878-8 Yasugi-cho Yasugi-shi Shimane-ken 692-0011 , Japan
Fujio Yamane

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  • Part Machining
  • Tooling, Jig, GSE
  • Heat Treating
  • Composite Processing
  • NonDestructive Testing
  • Material evaluation test
  • JISQ9100
  • Materials Testing Laboratories/MTL
Head Office: 114-15 Enoshima-cho, Yasugi-shi, Shimane, Japan
Facility & Equipment
Ultra-large wire electric discharge machine: Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Ultra-precision micro profile grinding machine: Okamoto Corporation
Abrasive Jet Cutter: Sugino Machine
Oil pressure servo fatigue testing machine: MTS
Rotary bending fatigue testing machine: Shimadzu Corporation
Creep rupture testing machine: Toshin Kogyo
Impact testing machine: Yonekura Manufacturing
Tensile testing machine: Instron
PR Point
Testing of various materials, including metal. Capable of providing an integrated process from specimen processing to testing.
Obtained Nadcap certification for material testing laboratory (high-cycle fatigue testing, fracture toughness testing, crack propagation testing, low-cycle fatigue testing, metal structure (general), micro surface state, alpha case (forging), alpha case (casting), standard specimen processing, low stress grinding, low stress grinding and polishing, casting test specimen processing, room temperature tensile testing, high temperature tensile testing, stress rupture testing, and creep testing, etc.)


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  • Part Machining
340-8 Hakutachoyasudanaka, Yasugi-shi, Shimane, Japan
Facility & Equipment
CNC lathe: Star Micronics SA, SB, SR, ST
CNC external cylindrical grinding machine: Tsugami Corporation G18-SB type
NC gear hobbing machine: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries GD, GE
CNC thread rolling machine: Nissei ND-10 type
PR Point
Skillful in machining of cut parts of small-diameter from φ1mm to φ38mm, and can machine difficult-to-machine materials such as ultra-heat-resistant alloy.

Moriya Cutlery Laboratory, LTD

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  • Part Machining
  • Heat Treating
113-1 Enoshima-cho, Yasugi-shi, Shimane, Japan
Facility & Equipment
Large surface grinding machine: Sumitomo Heavy Industries
NC profile grinding machine: Waida
NC surface grinding machine: Okamoto
5-face machining machine: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Three-dimensional measuring machine: Tokyo Seimitsu
Vacuum quenching furnace and electric resistance furnace
PR Point
Integrated quality control from materials to precision finishing, including heat treatment.