Liftoff Yamanashi


Yamanashi Prefectural Government

1-6-1 Marunouchi, Kofu-City, Yamanashi, 400-8501, Japan

Participating Company

SASAKI Co., Ltd.

  • Electric Cable/Harness
  • JISQ9100
1155-1 Miyakubo-Hosaka-cho, Nirasaki-shi, Yamanashi, 407-0175, Japan
Facility & Equipment
- A lot of machines like Semi-Automated Crimping, Cable Cutting, Outer cover Cutting
- IT-managed Production Control System from the scratch
- Cross-Section Observation of Crimping Terminals
- Heavy Drying Machinery
- DIT-MCO's Wiring Analyzer
- Spectrum's Laser Wire Marking Device
PR Point
- A lot of Achievements in the Industrial Equipment Field
- Crimping, Soldering, Pressure Welding、Harting
- Handling of Silicone Potting Compound/Sealant
- Drawing/Development of large-size Bundle Wire Assembly

Moro Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

  • Engineering/Design
  • Tooling, Jig, GSE
  • Conventional Machining
  • Assembly, Sub-Assembly
  • Functional Component, Equipment
3169 Fujiimachikomai, Nirasaki-city, Yamanashi, 407-0001, Japan
Facility & Equipment
AutoCad Mechanical
Autodesk Fusion360
IJCAD Mechanical
PR Point
A Jigs for for cut, for assembly and weld, it's consistent, and it's performed from a design to production.
I have the experience with which a Jigs of airplane engine assembly was made.

Fujiseiki Co., Ltd.

  • Engineering/Design
  • Conventional Machining
  • Sheet Metal Forming
  • Composite Processing
  • Assembly, Sub-Assembly
Fujiseiki USA Inc.:
23200 Del Lago Dr., Laguna Hills, CA 92653, USA (under constrution now)

Fujiseiki Co., Ltd.:
1648-7 Tsuijiarai, Showa-cho, Nakakomagun, Yamanashi, 409-3853, Japan
Facility & Equipment
- Laser punch multifunction machine Trump 6000 Fiber
- Press brake Truend V85S
- 300 t servo press Aid DSF - N 2 - 3000
- YAG Welding machine Japan Welding
- DC TIG Welding machine
- Autoclave
- 3D FABRI GEAR 400 III Mazak
- TruMatic 6000 Fiber TRUMPF
- Amada 150 ton servo press
PR Point
We offer the total packege,from design to construction.
We can do not only individual processing (e.g.blanking, bending, pressing, machining)
But also integrated processing as well, and can find you the lowest cost
for your development projects and prototype evaluations.
We are currently constructing a factory in California, USA.
We will respond to the needs of prototype processing
Business contents
Precision sheet metal processing
(Blanking, bending, welding)
Press working
Press dies production
Manufacture of jigs and tools
CFRP firing
Key customers
Office equipment parts for copiers and scanners,Watt meter parts for power companies
Next generation energy equipment, Semiconductor tester, Small motor control equipment,
Power supply equipment
Optical systems, Medical equipment parts, Next-generation structural materials,
Production site equipment parts, etc.


  • Electric Cable/Harness
612 Enzankamiozo, Koshu-city, Yamanashi, 404-0042, Japan
Facility & Equipment
- Full automatic double-end crimping machine
- Semi-automatic crimping machine
- Various applicators
- Manual crimping tool
- Cable processing machine
- Cable testing machine
- Laser processing machine
- Withstand voltage tester (5 KV)
- Resistance welding equipment
- Pulse heat system
- Dispenser
- UV irradiation device
- Clean booth (class 1,000)
- 3D-CAD (SolidWorks)
- Resistive soldering iron
- High frequency soldering iron
- Tensile testing machine
PR Point
Any harness, cable processing is possible.
Crimping, soldering, inspection will improve skills by certification system.
Soldering of micro coaxial wires (AWG 44 ~) is possible.
Soldering to aluminum and stainless steel is possible.
Crimping process up to wire diameter 325 SQ is possible.
We began selling aluminum electric wires.
From prototype to mass production, compatible with multiple types, small quantity and short delivery time!

SHINWA Co., Ltd.

  • Conventional Machining
  • JISQ9100
775-3 Mitsuzawa, Hosaka-cho, Nirasaki-shi, Yamayashi, 407-0174, Japan
Facility & Equipment
+ Two Double-Column Machining Centers(5-Sided Applications) including
- MCR-A5CⅡ 35×50 OKUMA
 ( X-202.34,Y-142.03, Z-66.15 )
- MCR-A5C 35×50 OKUMA
 ( X-194.56, Y-138.14, Z-72.84 )
+ Eight Double-Column Machining Centers and Seven Vertical Machining Centers including
- FJV-90/120 Mazak
  ( X-125.98, Y-86.62, Z-25.98 )
- MCR-AF 25×20 OKUMA
  ( X-101.17, Y-77.83, Z-31.13 )
+ Four 5-axis Machining Centers including
- VARIAXIS i-700,600 Mazak
- VARIAXIS i-600 MPP500 18pc
+ Two Horizontal Machining Centers including
- MH-1003 DMG MORI
- FH-8800 Mazak
+ One Vertical CNC Lathes(multi-tasking)
- YV-1000ATC+C YouJi
+ One Three-Dimentional Measuring Machine
- Crysta-Apex C9166
+ Fourteen CAD/CAM and CNC Machine Simulations
PR Point
Persistence in The Pursuit of Excellence in Manufacturing

Shinwa continues to meet customers needs using advanced skills in our production
and values our persistence in the pursuit of excellence in manufacturing.

+ Two Double-Column Machining Centers ( 5-Sided Applications, X-202.34, Y-142.03 )
and Many Other Large Machines
+ Four 5-axis Machining Centers Max. φ33.47×19.69
+ 5-axis Self-contained Automation Machining Center with 18p
+ Fourteen Machines of Three-dimentional Measuring Machine, 5-axis CAM, and CNC Machine Simulations
+ Material:Aluminum, SUS, Titanium, Nickel, Inconel
+ Short Delivery Time Due To 24 Hours Operation System In Our Production Line
+ Sure Products of High Quality By VERICUT Detection
+ Certification:JIS Q 9100 ( JIS Q 9100 is technically equivalent to EN 9100 and AS 9100C )